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What wonder can happen in 100 days? 11 & 12

I wear glasses. I have worn glasses for as long as I can remember.  Many who know me know what a visual person I am.  I love vision boards to inspire me, I take in the world through my eyes, and I cannot imagine not waking up and getting to see the wonder all around me on a daily basis.  If you cannot figure it out, my vision is so very important to me.  After I had kids, I have chosen to wear glasses more than contacts. In fact, I used to wear contacts all the time for vanity and comfort.  Now, with kids, I protect my eyes by wearing glasses. This was a decision that came after objects were thrown precariously close to my face more than a couple of times.  So ever since, my glasses have been a part of me, my fashion, and my statement.  i like wearing very distinct cat eyes.  I feel the shape brings up nostalgia from a time in the past where people were classically dressed.  When I find a pair of glasses, I need to fall in love because they become a part of my look.

Yesterday, I went to get my new pair. I liked them but did not love them.  I needed them because my last pair were done. The lens were scratched and could no longer serve a purpose even if I willed them to.  So when I went to pick them up, I was underwhelmed, I knew I had settled on the look because I had been looking for some time and found nothing. Worse yet, the prescription had changed, I apparently have an astigmatism now ( even after the lady explained, I still did not understand).  So I ended up with glasses I was not a big fan of, a prescription that felt as if I were in a fish bowl, feeling old because of the changes, and feeling hopeless. All because I was picking up glasses! Yes I was on the verge of tears from this one event in my life that triggered so much emotion.  So where is the wonder here?  I must have seen 4-5 commercials afterwards on “if you have not found the perfect lenses come to this store or that one and we will help you.”  Do you think that someone is telling me something! Better yet, am I willing to see the message?  My message this morning in meditation was look for the harmony. Change happens, look for the balance in it.  If I do not like the prescription, they can adjust it.   If I don’t like the frames, I can find different ones.  There are other places to go and the irony is I have to be willing to “see” the opportunities as they unfold before me.  So visual me!  As I do my best to stop being do critical of my lack of perfection and embrace what is, then maybe today I will be able to see the wonder before me as I keep looking for the perfect fit!  Silly but so symbolic-If the eyes are the windows to the soul, i have to find the perfect rose colored lenses to see through!

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