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What’s your philosophy?

Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

On this beautiful day, I offer you this challenge, to define what your philosophy of life will be from here until eternity.  This may seem like a huge undertaking or perhaps too much of a commitment to corner yourself into for the rest of your days.  I certainly am not offering this challenge so that you limit the scope of your life.  However, this quest that I am posing is one that could only broaden your horizon and expand your vision for yourself and your future.  What is your defined system of values by which you want to live?  Do you love to pursue wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline?  Would you offer the world a peek into your philosophy of love?  As you contemplate your own personal philosophy and where you wish for it to take you, start with wonder, or desire to know something more than what you see.  Then go further and start asking the questions that have you seeing the world and the universe with open and accepting eyes.  Seeing people who cross your path as there for a reason.  Seeing obstacles that stop you in your tracks as vital lessons there to guide you on.  You may find that by just entertaining this challenge, you may be enjoying a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration.  You may be experiencing your life as something beautiful especially in the unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable circumstances.   You might start to marvel or be amazed about what you start to discover about yourself.  You may be astonished at the miracle that you already are by simply addressing things as they are exactly where you stand. All of this because you decided to life an examined life.  So on this beautiful day, will you take the challenge and start to wonder about what values you will embrace and what philosophy you will follow?  The step back and prepare to be amazed at what you get to discover. It does make life more interesting, don’t you think!

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