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What feels like an end, is only a new beginning!

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

J.K. Rowling Novelist

We all grow spiritually as a result of many different life events. Some of the most profound instances of growth in my life have come as a result of necessity because of loss, dissatisfaction with life circumstance or feelings of helplessness. It is in these moments or experiences that I have discovered who is supporting me and I have discovered what I am made of. While transformation in life may be difficult when you resist it because of fear of the unknown, sometimes when you get to the point where you feel that you are at your end of the rope and ignoring change is no longer an option- that is when you hit rock bottom with only one way to go – UP!

I love J.K. Rowlings’s approach to the lowest time in her life, she turned inward to her core, she looked within for her answers and guidance. And, this turning towards herself with love has proven to establish for her a solid foundation to build her own legacy of love. What came from that time in her life was a beautiful tribute to the magic of the human spirit and the magic and beauty of life as she authored the Harry Potter series. Each day is an opportunity to continue to build on your strong foundation, keep building on the your belief in yourself- and belief in your own uniqueness. As you do this, you continue to build on the foundation that will be your legacy of love to the world. Turning something that felt like the end of the world into a new beginning, is the gift we get as each new day starts. AS long as we do our best in this regard, we cannot be considered fake or a hypocrite. AS long as we continue to act upon our own guidance and incorporate our actions with love, ours will be a legacy of leadership based upon solid principles. You cannot do better than that on your way up.

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