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Welcome to March with the Magical Guide to Bliss: Profound Wisdom


March is the month when Daylight Savings Time usually begins, marking the time of year when the days begin to grow longer as the Earth slowly transitions to her Springtime rising and setting positions in the heavens. Light symbolizes knowledge; March is the month where we are blessed with more and more light with each passing day, and thus the concept for this chapter is Profound Wisdom.

As the third month of the year progresses, let the light of knowledge that shines within each of us also grow day by day. Make it your mission in March to learn something new each and every blessed day you are lucky enough to experience the light of the Sun. As the days grow warmer and longer, so too will your capacity to give and receive love. For inherent in the ability to love unconditionally is your intimate knowledge of yourself and the profound wisdom that accompanies self-understanding. As you strive to understand others, you simultaneously strive to comprehend your own inner workings. As we walk steadily and rhythmically in step with others, it is this wisdom that will guide you as you continue to seize the day, open your heart to a greater love and continue the journey marching forward towards a greater bliss.

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