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Wanna be like the Notorious RBG, remember who you are and empower yourself!

“If I had any talent that God could give me, I would be a great diva.” Ruth Bader Ginsberg

This quote is just one of the reasons why I love RBG, and believe me there are so many, ‘let me count the ways’. She is a brilliant mind. She has paved the way for equality for women. She is a force to be reckoned with. In her 80s, she refuses to be edged out and discounted based upon age. She appreciates culture. And she puts a strong value on the human spirit as reflected by how she conducts herself. For me, as a lawyer myself, she is a definite role model and person of import. Bottom line: She knows she is a diva of justice and the rule of law and empowers herself accordingly.

When I was recently in Los Angeles, faced with many delightful options on a Sunday afternoon, my best friend and I headed to the charming historic 1923 cinema in Los Feliz to get some inspiration from watching the RBG documentary. As we sat in that tiny vintage theater, I felt the excitement in the air as we watched her story unfold. With each challenge that she faced, (losing her mother at a young age for one) each building block she added to her foundation, each case argued in front of the Supreme Court, and her commitment to a good supportive man, RBG rose to sit proudly and with distinction on the highest court in this land. What seemed like an improbable path for a woman, by following her passion with hard work, she never lost sight of who she was, surrounded herself with others who championed what was right, moral and just, and was empowered by what she stood for. And what came to mind as I sat in awe in that tiny little theater was-THIS IS WHAT PURPOSE LOOKS LIKE.

I believe that those who remember who they are and are empowered with purpose connected to others who are grounded, find their way even when they are lost. It is probably the key that has kept me going through the years, getting to remember who I was when I arrived, learning what makes me come alive and why I am here, and sharing my story and life with other people in a healthy and uplifting way. Sometimes that means standing up to others with whom I disagree, often that means using my voice in furtherance of my own values, and other times that means asking for what I need to heal what needs to heal.  I think of the tragic state of society where many people who feel alone are committing suicide these days because of hopelessness that leads to depression and anxiety in the first place. Isolation, others trying to control them for greed, left to one’s thoughts, fear of sharing one’s truth, living in a society where trust is of little import, all symptoms of an underlying problem that must be talked about and brought into the fore. By finding mentors in the “big” lights who rise up and shine so others can remember their own,  this is what will save us all.

And when I left that theater after the show, after having witnessed a big light, I got the inspiration that I needed to want to be more like the Notorious RBG. And lucky me, I also recognized as I looked at my bestie that I was walking with big lights all along who mirror my own in the greatest endeavor to empower each other as we walk home. To remind me, my bestie even sent me a RBG t-shirt to remember this experience well when the dark days come. And as a manifester myself, I will wear that shirt when we get to meet her one day, one diva to another, sitting down talking purpose as we can compare crowns! I know who I am. Time for you to as well!


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