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Tugboats, Tingsha & True Friends: Good things do come in Threes!

Ever think about the Rule of Threes (Latin “omne trium perfectum)? How excited do you get when the master number 3 appears consecutively all around? And the knowing that good things come in threes gets me excited about the first and has me looking for “my” two, three, or even four more. That brings me to the following 3: Tugboats, Tingsha and True Friends.

Threes and Tugboats

Earlier this week, early morning, while walking my dogs along Biscayne Bay, I saw three tugboats pulling along freighters into the Miami River to presumably dock and unload their cargo. Tugboats, notoriously small, but mighty boats that maneuver vessels by pushing or towing them when they cannot move by themselves, made me think about who are my own “tugboats” when I get stuck.  As early as March of this year, I was Certified as a Professional Coach. While playing with the fine-tuning of what this means to me, the reality is I have met many tugboats. People whose interest is to help serve others and get them unstuck. The coolest part of all of this is how I have benefitted from the process. I have more tools, more go to people, to catapult me in my final push out into the world with a new career. Who are your tugboats? Look for three.

Threes and Tingsha

Now turning to my Tibetan tingsha. These same small cymbals Tibetan Buddhist practitioners use for prayer rituals. Before I sit to write each day, I grab the pair on my desk. As if a call to order was necessary, the clear, high pitched sound wakes me. Starts my adventure with words of clarity. Separates sleep from reality.  It is the ritual, one, two, three, that centers me. What is your tingsha? Find it and repeat in 3s.

And Finally 3 True Friends

What would I do without my friends? So grateful that I have so many. A good friend of mine has often reminded me “Not to go to the hardware store to buy bread.” With that, I welcome the many diverse experts in their field who I can help and who help me. Three coach me to get organized- set up my list of threes. Three help my creative side to come alive. Three listen and are there for me. Three hold my hand and comfort me. Three pay attention and heal me. While one tackles my dreams with me, others remind me I am here to be free. And these true friends do appear in threes. Margaret, Jill and Randee one day. Karyn, Lisa and Barbie another. Then under the full moon, Mari, Allison and Mariola. All there as any answer to my prayer and the Rule of Threes. Who are your true friends? Time to empower yourself and name three.

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