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Trust your choices and the beauty will unfold!

“Since every choice is a fork in the road, each decision brings with it new hope and promise.”

Richard Carlson, PhD

In every moment of life, you get to make choices. Look at this as a very good thing. With each decision, you are empowered to take in whatever information is available and wisely set a course in the direction of your dreams. While some choices may appear to be big ones and some may seem small, each holds an importance that could alter the trajectory of your path and bring new hope and promise. Using your six sense as guide, you can be confident that when you choose what you will create, everything little thing will ultimately be alright. When you decide to live consciously, you become focused, you become aware and you become ready for any challenge. So when you come to that fork in the road and it is time to choose, with clarity of what you want most in life, you can believe strongly that whatever you elect will bring beauty to your world. When you look at your life as if you are the director in your own play, you can greet whatever scene that follows with enthusiasm and grace. So as you start each new act on your journey, keep in mind that the ability to choose will enable you to align your spirit to that purpose that drives your soul. And this state of mind is a great way to embolden a beautiful life! Happy decision making!

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