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Transport yourself with beautiful people by your side!

“Life is like the car pool lane.  The only way to get to your destination quickly is to take some people with you.”

Peter Ward

I know that the best experiences in my life have been those where I connect with others on a profound level. In both times of laughter with good friends or times of holding space for loved ones in our tears, I feel alive.   With these connections, I acknowledge the existence of other individuals and expand my understanding of life in relation to them.  In light of knowing that beautiful relationships exist, it has always baffled me why there are times where I can become protective of my space and potential for success when I compare my life to others for whom I perceive have it much easier. When I get into this kind of space, it always helps to get awareness that this feeling is coming from a lack of confidence in my own special gifts. In reality, we all have special and distinct talents that when shared through connections make a difference for the world that is even more profound.  So when I gain confidence in this and move away from the idea that there is only so much to go around,  life becomes more fun and we can all do more amazing things together than we can apart.  Challenges are always easier when there is someone to help push you along, laughter tends to have a greater impact on those involved as a shared common experience.  So if your goal is to experience greater joy and success in life, remember that if you want to get to this destination quicker look around and take others with you.  I can only imagine when I finally achieve something that I have always wanted, the experience is more profound if you have others to share the joy.  It is then that we all realize that when we work together and acknowledge each other’s contributions that everyone benefits.  And, then you just might make it to where you are going right on time and have a great time in the process! 

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