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Tools to Empower Progress : Nourishment through Uplifting Exercise, Healthy Food and An Amazing Trib

I have declared this to be my summer of wellness: mind, body and spirit. After a long year of transition, wading through the fog of uncertainty, beating myself up for not meeting arbitrary expectations, exhausting moments that comes from a need to prove my worth, I am in need of some T.L.C. -tender, loving care that starts with me. So back to the basics.  Going to those things that are my old reliables that have worked for me for the many years that I have been alive. Take a look at what is already in your tool shed, there is no need to recreate the wheel when you barely have the energy to juggle another thing anymore. And because simplicity is what is called for before you take another step, here you go!


What the heck does that mean? If the effortless life is what you are after, time to just get still and allow for once. Not do, Just be. Go to where you know it works for you. That was what summer was for when we were kids. Going to camp, going to the beach, making time for fun outings/vacations, sitting out in the sun, getting your Vitamin D on. Take a step back from the rat race, rest for a moment (maybe the summer) and really ask yourself when were you the most successful in the self care department and reset to that place. And therein lies for me 3 tools that empower progress come up that ay be able to help you:

First: Exercise to release the steam and detox- Red Bike Studios

As one who is challenged with anxiety, nothing better than exercise to release stress, let go of negativity, and just take 1 hour each day to take care of myself. For exercise to really get you moving in the right direction, you have to figure out what works for you. For me, Spinning is my favorite thing. And working out at Red Bike Spinning Studio for the past three years has been a place that I can go to inspire myself and to leave me feeling really good about working out. The mere fact that I love going there, makes the decision to go easier on me. The music gets me going, the instructors are amazing, and it is a high energy/low impact exercise that will have me feeling like I am getting in shape in no time. Even when I am tired, I think about how I feel afterwards and get in my car and off I go.

No one yells at me or makes me feel bad about where I am. On the contrary, with the motivation and support in each class (each instructor bringing their own style and flair), I truly feel like I am validated in my desire to be a healthier me.  Plus I get to dance and feel like I am in a club, a place I enjoyed but after having kids and not wanting to deal with that scene I don’t visit much any more. Plus, they know me. I have friends there. And that takes me to my next tool.

Second: Find your amazing Tribe.

I find my tribe in so many ways. With group exercise as set forth above, specifically at a great spin class, I am surrounded by so many familiar faces with a common goal to get healthier. Especially since I have been isolated by working from home, going to a place (like Cheers) where everyone knows your name, it feels good to connect for a great result.

Also, making time to get together on the weekends with good friends, relaxing by the pool or at an outing is an amazing way to nourish your friendships as well as get reenergized by making memories.  Networking with many people also as a way to branch out and enhance your connections to engage with new and wonderful people is definitely the way to go when there are so many people looking for new outlets.  Even getting involved with a service project to benefit others while interacting with those who align with you, all good things to do when you are looking to reset from a place of higher positive energy.  And of course, nothing better than a beach weekend, dreaming as the waves roll in or setting out intentions under the full moon with people you love and cherish.

Third: Healthy Summer Foods to nourish me.

There is something about grilling out in the summer that just feels empowering. And literally paying attention to your gut as you choose to eat lighter and try those things that truly nourish you and makes you feel good. The fruit is bountiful, and nothing says summer more than eating watermelon. The heat forces you to replenish with plenty of water. Iced coffee or even a summer cocktail by the pool sounds refreshing. Or a great iced smoothie, filled with good things and protein all boost your energy so that you can move forward. You not only start to feel better, but start to look better.

These are of course suggestions that have worked for me and are the go tos in my wheelhouse when I want to get back to basics. Like I said my summer mantra is rest and reset. Rest my mind, body and soul is the best thing I can do to enhance my own personal wellness. Empower your own progress by figuring out what works for you and then simply repeat that over and over again until it becomes an effortless addition to your way of life. And at the end of the day you will find that you have boosted yourself and you are on your way. Good luck, may wellness be yours and maybe I will ever see you at Redbike!!!


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