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Thirty Days of Gratitude!

Day 30: Attitude of Gratitude – what am I grateful for? As I wrap up the 30 days of gratitude in November, I am grateful that I took the time to focus on what I am grateful for each day. Tomorrow we all start December and with my birthday I say goodbye to 43 and welcome 44. I always loved the number one, it feels like a renewal of sorts. I get to renew my dreams each and every year for myself, some I meet, some are still in progress and some I have realized that I wanted to leave them behind. But, all in all I am grateful that I have been blessed with the journey. Attitude for me is a feeling or way of thinking that affects my behavior and gratitude for me is essential to life if I want to experience love, joy, happiness and bliss. As a birthday gift to me, may I always remember to keep this attitude as a part of my life, so that in the good times and the bad I will experience something positive and continue to be blessed as I value each and every moment of my life whatever it brings! So thank you all for going on this journey with me and I am certainly grateful that I am not on this earth alone- as it was said in Frozen- love is the cure to a frozen heart- so continue to give love every chance you get with much gratitude!

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