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Thge Magical Guide to Bliss insight: Fly Butterflies Fly!

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”


Don’t let any one label you! Everything that holds you down is only an illusion anyway. You are a magnificent, creative soul just waiting to shine in so many different ways. Let your eyes gaze upon the beauty that surrounds you and allow it to nourish your spirit with love. It is then that you will realize that what you perceive as judgment from others is only a reflection of how you are treating yourself. With this in mind, pour love over your mirror of life and be kind to yourself, for then you will receive kindness in return. For if you want to be free and released from whatever cage you have imagined for yourself, it is all about love. It is a love so simple, so pure, and so completely effortless. When you allow that transformation to happen in your heart, you will experience more love everywhere you turn. Then, humbly let it come through you and set you free. Even if you are not ready to let go of your past story today, love will wait patiently for you always until you can handle its embrace once again. And, as you accept it little by little back into your life and gain strength, you will burst out of the cocoon of darkness into the light. With courage, you will spread your beautiful wings ready to take flight. And open your eyes again, what a majestic sight to see. The sky is so colorful and bright as you set out to seize the new day, a new day of life to discover all the glory that is waiting for you. For when things change, you can tell yourself again, fly butterfly, fly!

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