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There is beautiful music in you- start dancing to it!

Don’t go to the grave with the music still in you.” 

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Tap into the spirit in yourself.  Start paying attention to what makes you excited, what you get enthusiastic about, what brings you joy.  I just read a book that said that you can set yourself free by changing how you talk to yourself about your capabilities. Reprogram your past chatter and move into your belief in yourself to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.  Find a mentor who you admire and inspires you  to teach you what they have done in their life so that their music is heard.  We are all blessed with the music in our heart, be it through service as a doctor, lawyer, Indian chief, social worker, performer- you name it- it is there in our heart and our spirit and you honor your gifts by setting them free.   When you do, you will feel more alive than ever before and inspire more people than you will ever know. And at the end of your incredibly fulfilling life, you will smile because you did what you came here to do- Play on!!!!

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