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The Year of Magical Thinking: Shifting the Rage paradigm to Love!

“Good health is not static. It represents a dynamic interaction requiring physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience.” Andrew Weil, M.D.

There has got to be a better way of communicating with people! Screaming and yelling to get your point across; belittling others to make yourself feel better or build up your status in public opinion; or instilling fear because you think that is strength and commands presence is just a horrible paradigm for good, sound leadership! And look – where has it gotten us thus far- angers begets more anger or can literally destroy the spirit of a burgeoning soul. Do you want to live in a world so desperate for hope as it cowers behind a doomsday scenario that benefits no one. Let’s make a difference today!!

Pretend with me for a moment, won’t you? Use your imagination to rise up to a vision of empowerment for your life- what does that look like to you? My vision is one where peace and joy follows me wherever I go; one where the energy of love embraces me at every corner; one where I build up people by recognizing their gifts and the wonderful things that they bring to the world; and one where rage takes a backseat to kindness and positive spirit.

That is a vision that is not only good for me, but good for the world and what a wonderful world that would be- what an amazing difference that vision can bring to my life and what fantastic blessings will be waiting around every corner. There is strength when you stand up for love, there is a resounding YES as you engage with the universal dance that welcomes you to experience glorious conversations of possibilities. There is a confidence that builds when you shift from a rage paradigm to that of love.

So today, before you allow anger to take over the tone of your words or your actions- take a deep breath (the good ole reliable breath that you can always count on) and ask yourself what vision of empowerment do you have for your life? One person at a time, one moment at a time, one change at a time- you will find your Amen and Alleluia for that something wonderful that happens with the shift- Send that message to those who wish to lead us. Blessings, Magic and Miracles!

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