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The Year of Magical Thinking- She Needed a Hero So She Became One!

Interestingly enough, the old battle cry “Someone save me!” no longer will work in this new paradigm that I have intentionally set out to create for myself.  This new year, this chapter of my journey towards self-discovery and continued transformation, starts from a place of accountability, accountability for my own personal choices in life.  It starts from a place of self love.  For so long, I rejected my own abilities for fear of failing in my eyes and the eyes of the world.  A paralyzing fear of failure that had me choosing a safe existence rather than one where I could meet excitement around every corner, that not only makes me feel alive but also filled with tremendous purpose. Hiding behind others, hiding in my own body, hiding for fear of appearing unacceptable as I set out for the approval of others!  Then the quicksand that is fear begins to overtake me. Slowly, inch by inch, each part of my body covered by the thickness of what I perceived to be my fate.  I believed that I needed a hero to whisk me away and save me.  However, as I realize possibility exists and see others modeling an example of manifesting an amazing destiny, I tired of waiting and the spark of awareness embraces my entire being and sparks creativity that takes over until I finally realized that saying yes to me, to my life, to my dreams over and over, I have become the hero that I have been looking for.    That empowerment sparked alights a beauty of spirit to be reborn as I make the changes that will allow me to start paying attention to the beautiful synchronicity that unfolds right before my eyes. The vibrant beauty of renewal takes over as I realize that I have become the hero that I have been looking for all my life.  Failure is no longer an option as the amnesia dissipates and I remember again that I was meant for great things- as are all of us!!! So be the hero on your journey on this beautiful Friday! Live like you want to live, love each and every person who crosses your path and laugh- yes laugh and let down the walls that no longer serve your path! So who is with me as we join all the amazing heroes out there and start a power posse whose talents together will change the world for the better! A world of pure bliss!

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