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The Year of Magical Thinking: I will find you once again!

I know you. I have known you for so long. Why did it take you so long to find me again?  When I left your spiritual arms many moons ago, I knew a new adventure had begun. I knew that my lessons would be hard earned. I knew that a new opportunity had arrived and I had to go, the love I experienced would allow me to do so.

This time around, how would it be. Would I even be able to recognize me?  The bold little child who believed in herself.  The teen who so quickly forgot. The adult who started to remember again.  Now, a seeker is what I got.

I looked for you when I needed you most, I saw your smile and instantly knew we were reunited again. Once by one, my soul tribe regathered.  One by one, you returned to me. One by one, hand in hand, together you and I,  a new chance to set our spirits free.

To those I have found on this journey, your beauty permeates my heart and soul. To those I still wait to meet, I will find you again.  This journey of mine, I collect my people. I feel the love in your heart, I see the glimmer in your eyes, and I know you who I met so long ago.  As if words are unnecessary, nodding in acknowledgment and grabbing your hand. You and I walk together again now. Happiness happiness happiness. Shining so brightly- through the trial of this once around I earned this chance for joy as we walk together again.  Gonna live differently, gonna live with no regrets, gonna live as I am supported now, no longer alone.  My Earth angels! Quite magical if you ask me!

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