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When your inner imposter threatens to dictate your journey, choose love now and set your soul ablaze

“Love in its essence is spiritual fire.” Seneca

From a place of love, I find that we can manifest anything!! Love is the spiritual fire that will catapult each one of us on a journey filled with curiosity, beauty, connectedness and the like. And because we are spiritual beings having a physical human experience, as powerful energetic beings, we need to take the time each and every day to get still and go to the center of our being to tap into the “source” that will allow each of us to come fully alive.

We all have those gremlins within. You know, those inner impostors who practice deception feeding us with lies to keep us from venturing out making our dreams a reality.  This inner directionless voice tends to masquerade itself as our protector when in most respects in the end it will harm us more than anything as we never truly see those “something wonderfuls” waiting to be discovered. Love is the only thing that can be used to pay the ransom asked for by our negative thinking self. Self- love, something that is ours at a moments notice, comes to our aid as the spiritual fire that burns out the toxicity and allows a release replaced by the light. Why do we let that inner impostor dictate our journey when we can set a new path by choosing love now?  Love is the simple essence of who we are. If we wish to teach love, then we must choose to be love as well.  And the first step towards that is to choose love now!


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