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The Year of Magical Thinking-Any road will get you there!

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Lewis Carroll

Who knows exactly where they are going anyway? No one person on Earth today was born with a road map that sets out precisely their exact destination.  Not one of us was given a crystal ball that dictates a defined path for their journey.  Most of us are setting out each day, some days clearly guided by our intuition and other days stumbling along depending on how full the moon may be.  Doing our best to let the love in our hearts be the compass that guides us to make the choices in hopes to bring the most magic and adventure.  Each day looking for and hoping to experience the love, joy and bliss that makes living worthwhile.  Each moment looking for the angels as we turn our backs away from fear, anxiety, and worry only to embrace what lies in front of us with excitement and enthusiasm.

This year has already proven to be quite the ride so far. With moments of exhilaration as I venture on this new road leading me assuredly “somewhere special”.   Even as I still do not know exactly where I am going, the destination no longer is as important as the experiences on the road become.  Frustration does find a place inside me occasionally. Sometime more than I  would like. As my own child comes to me in tears, wanting so badly for something to happen, yet not appearing in the time so desired. Struggling for more answers, more guidance, just more so life feels more in control.  However, that does not appear to be the plan for me.   Magical thinking does not give me control over life circumstances, but does enlighten how I choose to react to the task at hand.  The invisible hand reaches down and nudges me forward in so many ways, if I remained fixed on my own controlled vision, I make no room for the amazing that is waiting for me.  After contemplation and prayer, I do offer to serve so that my message of hope and inspiration will find its way into my chosen reality.  As I do my best to follow whatever synchronistic opportunity, I suppose letting go of the need to know the outcome becomes vital in the long run if I am really going to allow this magical thinking concept to come alive.  That is why any road I choose will get me wherever it is that I am going. Like a good and trusting adventurer, as I do what I can where I am, the light within me will guide the way shining on whichever path!! The beauty of it all is meeting those who join me along the way!


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