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The story of S.H.I.N.E. Miami! Day 4

It all started on a Wednesday. One of my closest friends, family really, invited me to go to a meditation.  I was happy to learn this skill because I needed more stillness in my life to connect with the love of God within (Be still and know that I am God)  Well on this particular day, the leader started talking about things that did not resonate well with me or my friend.  In actuality, it irritated the both of us so much that we decided to have our own group and called it “Soul Talk”.  We invited some of our special soul sisters to join us and each week a different “soul sister” would choose the topic and lead the group.  We did this for quite some time and the group grew. We all learned so much about so many wonderful things from Body talk to Camus to my favorite Joseph Campbell and his mantra “follow your bliss.”  This group began circa 2007 I believe and it was a community of love for all of us. We got really close and shared our fears, our hopes and our dreams.  We helped each other travel through some pretty difficult times, all the while learning as we went along.

It was the original power posse!!  As time passes, some of us moved away, life happened and our “soul talk” meetings became less and less. But the bonds remained strong.  After my mother passed away and I started pulling myself out of tyhe dartkness, I had a strong desire to reconnect. I had always done vision boards with friends on New Years and loved to do workshops. So after joining a group called “the Divine Mentoring Group”  I came up with an idea to start a Follow your dreams series and hosted 5 in the community room of my building. I opened the meetings up to whomever wanted to attend and offered it as a free resource. Sometimes even invited some amazing speakers to join in the fun.  Talk about synchronicity, I was subsequently invited to speak in front of a group of amazing teachers providing the same kind of workshop for them as well.  I have continued in my home or even for a beach weekend just amazed by the tremendous positive energy that comes from sharing or fears and dreams and putting it out in to the universe.  The connections with all the wonderful people who have shared this with me, always puts a smile on my face.  I even taught the principles of Pam Grout at a few of the afternoons at my house.

Then as the world would have it, I was even invited to join and participate with a good friends group and was able to share with them the amazing space of love and comraderie. I always wondered what it would be like to have a morning event like this and as life would have it, I was approached by another dreamer and was inspired to see what could become of a networking event to share with others in this place I call home- Miami!  Live the Life You Want by connecting others to a beautiful and powerful energy that could catapult each person to a new perspective and a better way to live life despite the challenges!  So I decided to udnerwrite this event and go for it! Believe me, this was not done on my own, when you put your dreams out into the universe, it conspires in your favor for sure- The speakers I wanted said yes, the volunteers I needed said yes, sponsors said yes, and even the space that I loved said yes- NOW I HOPE THAT ALL OF YOU SAY YES AS WELL!  I am a true believer that whoever is meant to be at S.H.I.N.E. Miami will be there! Effortless really, it is a false notion to believe that we have control over anything but our choices. So I have chosen to say YES to my calling, perhaps inspiring others to do the same! I am grateful for the path of life, while my challenges have been difficult, I have learned so much and I am grateful for my teachers!

Tickets are available until October 16, 2015 go to for more information!  Can’t wait to see how we shine brightly together!!!

Love you all-


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