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The Magical Guide to Bliss: Remember: life is an adventure!

“Because of our routines we forget that life is an ongoing adventure.” ~Maya Angelou

We have all been blessed with the gift of life. Sometimes, caught up in our daily routine, we forget what a precious and rare blessing this actually is. There is magic in the synchronistic timing that brought our souls into this physical existence. There is magic in the moment we take in our first breath and then cry out to the world that we are here. There is magic as we realize that we have gained knowledge from our great journey becoming everything that we are meant to be! From this positive perspective, when we look around and behold those accompanying us on our way, be grateful for what is in store. From this positive vantage point, when we connect with those placed on our path to bring us comfort, wisdom, or perhaps some small act of kindness, acknowledge the blessings of the shared experience. We are here for just a short time; remember to seize each and every opportunity. The present moment offers so much more than we can imagine if we simply open our eyes and welcome what is right before us. It helps to break out of routines, take chances, and become conscious of life’s magic and miracles. When we start to think outside the box, we become open to the beauty that changes us for the better. And, then we can come alive, participate in new adventures, grabbing others to join us on our way! Want to take a magical ride?

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