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The Magical Guide to Bliss insight: You are love!

“Your love of life can carry you through any circumstance.”

Chinese fortune cookie

When you wake in the morning with the desire to experience love, what you don’t already realize is that it is already there. Love exists right at your center, pulsating in your heart, coursing throughout your entire body. The one ingredient that is needed for this miraculous discovery is the intention to acknowledge this fact right here and right now. It is not something that is unattainable for you when you realize that it is you. You are love. With all your gifts and all your flaws, you first and foremost are love. And, when you realize this, the love in your heart shall set you free.  Free from all the illusions of the world that try to keep each of us separate and apart. Free to open your wings and let your heart fly. When you embrace the fact that you are love, stand back and watch the amazing connections unfold and a love of life take over.  Let this thought take you through the challenges and catapult you forward towards an incredible future no matter what happens. May you remember that you are love and are loved and pass on this good news!!! Accept where you are, embrace the love in you and that surrounds you, and keep moving forward knowing that this love will carry you through any life circumstances.


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