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The Magical Guide to Bliss insight: Radiate love

“Let your light shine.

Be a source of strength.

Share your wisdom.

Radiate Love.”

Wilfred Peterson

The universe is talking to you. The universe is begging for you to shine for there is no light identical to yours. The universe is in need of your particular brand of determination and strength for there is no spirit that mirrors yours. The universe is asking that you share your hard earned wisdom to advance the cause of all that is good for there is no perspective that is equal to yours. But most importantly, the universe is praying that you choose to radiate love to others for there is no love that can nourish this desperate land equal to what comes from within you. The universe is sending you signs each day that you are cherished.  Through direct and indirect messages, it encourages you to never give up, continue to shine and guide your way through any challenge. For if you can see clearly, you will discover that it is in the challenge of life that you will see your strength.  When you have walked through the challenge, you will have gained precious wisdom.  And, with that new found wisdom, you will be able to radiate love even stronger than before. Each morning as you start your day, arm yourselves with your positive intentions, write them down, and set out to act in a way that will see them come to light. As your soul seeks, your vision will motivate you to become more alive in this world. Surrender to the process, radiate love throughout and trust the that from one moment to the next, you will rise to a place more aligned with your purpose in life!  You will rise!

Magical Key to Bliss: Set out a positive intention on post-it note and put it where you can see it!

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