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The Magical Guide to Bliss Insight: Pay attention, your soul is calling!

“Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you…This turning toward what you deeply love saves you.” ~Rumi Like a bolt of lightning, an event wakes you up and something in you comes alive. You are at once overwhelmed with a zest and enthusiasm for life that feels like a rebirth. Your senses start to respond anew and there is a newfound energy born in the moment that you believe in things that you never thought were possible before. Electricity permeates the air you breathe as potential infuses each cell within. Start to pay attention to the magnitude of this moment as a sign that you are that much closer to your calling. You acknowledge for the first time a journey filled with new possibility. Your soul no longer can be ignored as it triggers your mind and body into action. More opportunities to grow are introduced to you, more people show up to advise you, and more good feelings infuse your growing spirit. When you honor this calling, your life just feels so right.Your sense of awareness focused on no longer being afraid to surrender to life as it unfolds. That moment when your soul calls to you to connect in love, that moment of time where you recognize what is important, and that moment of time when life takes on a meaning that saves you. This is so magical and exciting all at once. When the bolt of lightning hits, answer the call and turn towards what you love and it will save you.

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