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The Magical Guide to Bliss insight: Never outgrow your need for love

“A baby is born with the need to be loved- and never outgrows it.”

Frank Howard Clark

If you remember on a daily basis that you were at one time a precious little baby who needed the love and attention of another to survive and thrive, it will put perspective into each and every one of your connections throughout the day.  When love and caring attention is withheld from an infant, that new life will fail to thrive and numerous complications will ensue.  The same goes for every human being. If love is withheld from your life, your will to live diminishes. Love, affection and touch are so important in the general dance of life. You need the connections. You need to connect. You will never outgrow the need to be loved. You are a fragile, beautiful soul, your mission in this world was never meant to be discovered alone. You need to reach out to others, grab their hands and boldly embark on your adventure. If you see other people through the eyes of a loving parent, little children needed who need to be validated for their mere presence, then your love and compassion will easily be expressed. And sure enough, in the great karmic circle of life, the same care will come back to you in many ways.  You never outgrow the need to be loved. When you realize this, then you know how important it is to express kindness to others on a daily basis. It literally changes you. With love in mind, ask how you can be of service today. In essence, set the intention to give LOVE in all you do and make this world a better place to live because you never want to outgrow that need.

Magical Key to Bliss: Choose small acts of love and kindness for others and thrive!

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