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The Magical Guide to Bliss insight: Greatness through cooperation

Alexander Graham Bell

It is a humble person who acknowledges that most accomplishments in life are a result of the cooperation of many minds.  It is a wise person who stands in gratitude for the influences and support that have brought success on the path.  It is a great person who realizes that we are all connected and that amazing things can happen as long as we work together. And, it is a proud person who recognizes that their initial innovations inspire others to rise to a higher level. We have all come to this world with our special talents.  It is cooperation not competition that will allow each one of us to use our gifts to benefit society.  It is cooperation not posturing that will advance society for the greater good.  It is cooperation not our need to be recognized that will further foster greatness. For we are not separate islands, but a collective of very talented, compassionate land masses whose efforts allow all of us to blaze new trails. We cannot do it alone, we need each other as we look to make a difference as we transform out of the ego to essence.   For we all have seen further and greatly benefitted from standing on the shoulders of giants and that understanding of cooperation has traditionally been the only thing that has ever lead to greatness.

Magical Key to Bliss: Do something to foster cooperation in your work, school, or any relationship today.


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