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The Magical Guide to Bliss Insight: Enchanted by your light!

“No matter how you are feeling, get up every morning and prepare to let your light shine forth. Those with eyes to see will see and be enchanted by it.” ~Paulo Coelho Each one of you has a light within. There is no reason to chase fireflies for something that is already inside you. Just acknowledge when you wake each and every morning that now is the time to let it shine. Each morning when you rise to live a new day, make a conscious choice to flip the switch and tap in. No matter how you feel, decide that today you will be a light in this world and choose to surround yourself with people whose acts of love will illuminate you as well. Today, decide to make a conscious choice to let your light show, smile from ear to ear and just start to glow. Beam in this way and rest assured you are going to positively impact the lives of others throughout your day. Like a child is mesmerized with the discovery of a firefly lighting up the night, those who have eyes to see you will also be elated as you share your brightness in an otherwise dark place. Just like nature enchants as flowers come alive when the sun’s light shines on them, if you so choose, that spark that lights you from within can become a shared energetic force of beauty that will be sure to enchant as you travel through your days. When you start your day with this magical mindset, life really can be something to behold as it bursts forth vibrantly and in a most beautiful way.

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