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The Magical Giude to Bliss insight: Plant the seeds of love in your consciousness today

Oscar Wilde

Perhaps today is a day that you focus on love.  With love, you can let the sunshine in even on a gloomy day. Your heart will begin to bloom again as you take in the warmth of love that re-energizes.  Perhaps today is a good day to focus on how you want to share the love that resides in your heart.  When you get into a conscious state of loving others, you begin to plant the seeds to manifest a more beautiful world for yourself.  With love that is shared, there is a renewed hope. When you become conscious of your actions to be more loving, things around you will change because you, at your core, change.  You know intuitively that without love, your life can become dreary like an unending winter or like a sunless garden.  When you allow the energy of love to emanate from within, then your life is nourished once again and blooms with the vibrant beauty of renewal. With love, you recognize your greatest potential and encourage others to reach theirs too.  When you plant the seeds of love in your consciousness, you will revitalize a world that desperately needs it.  Perhaps today is that kind of day where you focus on love and bring warmth and richness to the world that can make all the difference! With love, there lies an amazing feeling that nothing else can bring!

Magical Key to Bliss: Surprise someone with a gesture of love today!


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