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The Magic of Believing in the power of dreaming!

“It is precisely the possibility of realizing a dream that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho Author

Possibilities in life are endless. Isn’t that a wonderful thing! And, even better, the innovative ideas and thoughts that your imagination can dream up in the present moment are endless in assisting you to accomplish any of the limitless possibilities on your horizon.  If you currently find yourself stuck in a rut or bored with the current circumstances in your life, perhaps now is the best time to schedule an hour or two to dream.  For those who may stand opposed to doing something that would seem a bit indulgent, I am certain that the one or two hours that you give yourself to dream will set your life on a new trajectory that is not only more productive but more worthwhile and fulfilling.  There is power to dreaming. The act itself where you spend time to dream and allow your imagination to run wild will prove to be time well spent.  Making time to dream is a habit will go a long way to catapult you to think outside of your own proverbial box and live your life with a renewed enthusiasm.  There is tremendous magic in setting out and believing in your dreams. And the excitement that comes with doing all that it takes to realize what was once considered to be “the impossible dream”  is contagious and makes life incredibly interesting. Then when you wake in the morning with this newfound goal in mind, each day can become an opportunity to further your aspirations.  Each day can become more of a gift to discover your purpose. Each day can become filled with the element of happy surprises.  Make it a point today to connect with your personal dreams, take action to realize them, believe in your own potential and then open your mind to visualizing whatever it is that you so desire already in existence.  Quite a powerful proposition I should think- happy dreaming!       

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