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The Magic of Believing!!!

“The human spirit is so great a thing that no man can express it; could we rightly comprehend the mind of a man, nothing would be impossible to us upon the earth.  Through faith, the imagination is invigorated and completed, for it really happens that every doubt mars its perfection. Faith must strengthen the imagination faith establishes the will.”

Paracelsus as quoted by Claude M. Bristol The human spirit is an incredible thing. Each one of us is a spiritual being having a physical experience. We all must take the time to acknowledge this, discover our spiritual side and physically connect it to the good we are truly capable of achieving on this journey.  As the great thinkers recognize, whatever the mind perceives, it can achieve for the thoughts that come from our amazing minds are that powerful.  Recognize this and truly believe that anything is possible here on earth.  Each one of us is blessed with a tremendous imagination coupled with our gifts and talents.  By sparking our imagination, we begin to use our talents for greater things in this world. It is faith in our unique abilities that will empower us and many generations to come to rise further. We must believe in our own inner light, fuel the fire within and go forth to share our passion with the world. By the magic of believing, we can use our super talents in service to this world.  Start to believe in this force within, connect to your higher power and magic and miracles will occur. For it is the power and the potential of the human spirit connected to others in this great endeavor that gives rise to the hope for a brighter present and an even more amazing future. This is our shared spiritual dream!


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