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The Energy of Affection!

“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.” Dalai Lama

A mother’s love is the first and greatest gift of human affection that we receive.  There is a tremendous power in this exchange between mother and child.  This amazing bond of energy is vital to each individual’s growth, to feel a loving touch, embrace and protection. With the gift of the exchange of affection, we are participating in the most treasured of all human interactions.  With the gift of the exchange of human affection, we continue to be a part of an unseen force or energy that emboldens each of us to grow beyond belief, spiritually as well as intellectually.  Relationships are such an important part of our life experience and interactions in the world.  While we are here, we have the power to liberate another from loneliness by virtue of how we either extend our affection or not.  While we are here, we all have a choice as to offer affection that helps us to understand the miracle of life.  While we are here,  we can choose to extend an invitation to another to experience a life colored with joy and love or not.  For as we enter the different stages of our life, that tremendous need for love and affection that each mother gave does not go away. In fact, it becomes more important as we all start to take risks in a world that is paved with hills and valleys, knowns and unknowns.  The beauty of it all is that while our mother was our first introduction of love and affection, she is not the only source out there.  We can receive this energy from so many more people on the path as long as we don’t isolate for we are not alone on our journey and our life lessons are learned in connection with others.  All of us need to be aware that if we are to thrive, we must start to be with each other in a community of kindness. And, signs of affection are necessities, not luxuries.  We cannot survive without it all in some form or another if we are to move in a positive direction.  For the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Take the gifts in the energy that you receive from the kind and gentle affection of another person who crosses your path and share it with another.  And to be a part of something greater than ourselves, all we need to do is to mirror the love of our mother and share warm embraces, supportive handshakes, kind words, and loving attention.  The return is to share in the incredible energy that is offered to each of us as we show affection to one another! Sure beats the alternative I think!

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