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The Dreaded Question: What’s Next?

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Sonia Ricotti Omg-the dreaded question escaped the lips of a well intentioned friend and mentor. I knew it was coming, I just was too tired to face it. I did not know if it would empower me, inspire me or just break me after all the energy I put out already. Just two simple words, yet they packed a big punch. And once released, the twang of those one syllable combination of daggers reverberated in my ear right before they struck me in the gut, simply put: What’s next? And all I could think was no more – let me enjoy the magic of it all. Bam 💥 I found it – now I have to allow myself this unique moment in time to enjoy what I have wonderfully earned. Magic magical magician of life, you are with me – you are me! I found you to deliver me when I needed you most. Choose a magical word now of gratitude, love, possibility that will be the answer to my prayers and save me from having to keep going while I too need to process what just happened. Am I changed yet? Am I different? Does my soul glow from the inside out? Will others allow me to play with this feeling or are they waiting to see what you do next? Then, yes then it dawns on even me – I too am curious to know how my life will be. With this effortless magic -surrendering the plotting to shift to the enjoying as life unfolds trusting the magic therein. It’s uncanny – El Camino continues – it always will -the seeds of faith that have taken me here and continue to grow as my intentions become stronger will never cease. I see you and your energy even before you enter a room. What I do next depends on this knowing! So ask me how El Camino unleashed more of my magic butterflies – what’s next will surely benefit the many as we collaborate to raise this love revolution to the next level! And the reality is as long as I stay in the magic – what’s next will just be! #pauseandlove #magical #guide #bliss


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