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The Artist Way- Chapter 12- Recovering a Sense of Faith!

I was raised to believe that Faith is everything.  In fact, as we strike out to risk and dare to dream in our lives, everything that we are or do requires a lot of faith as we face the unknown.  Over this past week, I have been reading two different books that deal with resistance as it applies to the creative stream of life.  I guess that I can look at it in this way. If I place obstacles in a stream that is flowing on its way to meet the river, then one of two things can happen- 1. the stream will build up so much pressure against the object that stands in its way to meet its goal that at one point or another it will explode and move everywhere, causing more chaos or damage than ever desired or 2. when the obstacle gets in the way, the stream stops flowing and the river dries up. So the lesson is that as I move into my creative life, I need to make a concerted effort to remove the obstacles, whether imaginary or real, and embrace or face that as I move forward and know that I will be protected by love as I trust my inner guide that all is as it should be.

Three things have happened in the past week that could create obstacles to my inner creative growth 1. as a federal employee/attorney, the government shutdown on October 1, 2013;   2. I have written something that is incredibly vulnerable and scary to put out in the world. If I dare to publish it, it leaves me without the protective barriers that have been in place for a long time.  And, 3. things are not moving fast enough for me as my patience is stretched thin.  So the topic of faith is so amazingly synchronistic for me at this time. I do love the synchronicities life has to offer when we open our eyes and take a look.

This chapter is perfect for where I am and where I need to go, because there are some things that I can control and some things that I cannot. I need to have the faith that I am doing what I need to do and surrender and let go of the outcome to allow my life to play itself out beautifully.

As Joseph Campbell said, “follow your bliss” (this I can do)”and “doors will open where there were no doors before.” (faith!!)

So I start saying yes to the things I cannot control- And yes to what I can – I have time to write and take care of myself and take of my family because of the furlough. I can voice my discontent, but that is where it will stop so not to allow it to create the obstacles to my creative life and thus preventing my gifts to dry up or explode into chaos. I can choose to find the opportunity that is there- that is faith and that is trust. God will not take me to where she cannot protect me. So much trust!  Then the mystery can unfold, I can share my story from a place of love and trust knowing that I will envision the white protective aura that covers me.  Then I will trust that everything happens when it is supposed to and there is a reason behind all delays or in fact that they are not delays just moments allowing the transformation to happen. All in its time. Liberating me in fact to be a creative person, to follow my bliss, and to share my gifts.  The caterpillar takes time when it enters the cocoon to become a butterfly. the transformation will not be revealed until the butterfly is fully formed and ready to emerge.  The same thing goes for all of us. It does not mean that nothing is happening, much is -we just need to have faith in the unseen parts as well.  Keep feeding your imagination!  Sing if you feel called to sing, paint if you feel called to paint, dance if you feel called to dance. Surround yourself with others who support your transformation as well. There still will be resistance, fears, angers, but with faith you will know how to face it all rather than internalize and run.

I loved the task about making a God jar.I put it all in there, fears, dreams, gratitudes.  Mine is full already – God’s got it!

And my artist date this week was wonderful- I was planning on going to see Elizabeth Gilbert as she introduced her new book and it became a ladies of the Artist Way date!!! She is the female energy behind the book I am writing and I just loved what she had to say. As a memoirist, she releases her story so that she can experience true healing. She celebrates the characters in her books so that they too can be healed by the experience and blossom as well.

So as I finish the last week of the Artist Way, doing my pages, and really have faith that all will work out  in the best way for my creative self, I happily await the mystery of my next chapter- Keep an eye out for my Guided Journal called from a Caterpillar to a Butterfly – a Magical Guide to Bliss.  Also my memoir  The Sunrise of My  Soul’s Bliss. I have my website coming up soon that will offer Love Rocks by Meg and A Give Love Project. And who knows, will present my Follow your Dreams 5 part seminar once again. This has been quite the journey- challenges, triumphs and joy.  I am grateful for it all and cannot wait to see what happens next in the screen play that is my life- Thank you all so much for sharing this adventure with me!!!! And as I do I am keeping the FAITH!


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