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Taking a joy inventory!

“When you are going through a rough patch, take a joy inventory and you will help yourself to realize that this too shall pass quicker and the sun will shine again on the beauty that is your life.”

Meg Nocero

Today, take a glass half full attitude when looking at your life.  Get in a mindset of intense gratitude and start to name the people who make your life richer, the events that make your life meaningful and the knowledge that helps to open your eyes and mind to something bigger and better than you could ever imagine for yourself.  Then, take action.  Call one of the people who have enriched your life to invite them out to coffee or to just tell them that you love them and are thinking about them.  Look at photos of or reminisce on that very meaningful event that changed the course of your life for the better.  It could be memories of your wedding, college weekends or anything that makes your heart expand.  Pick up a book that had a great impact on your education or way of seeing the universe to remind yourself of the wealth of ideas that exist.  After you have taken 5-10 minutes out of your day to complete this exercise, sit in the awareness of the feeling of joy,  beauty and love that you have reawakened in you.  Regardless of whether you felt joy beforehand or not, keep the reminder of all of your blessings in your mind and be sure the joyful spirit of these experiences are shared with others.  Pass it on and spread the wealth.  Then the joyful awareness you have gained for yourself will benefit the whole.   Remember nothing is ever as bad as it seems. As long as you do not dwell on the negativity and focus on the possibility, you can clear stagnant energy and replace with a vibrancy that you always knew was there.  Try it- you never will know the incredible shift that can happen if you don’t risk and try it. So feel the joy and pass it on!

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