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Take a risk, a new world awaits you!

“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World. “ Christopher Columbus

To get to where you want to go tomorrow, you need to leave the habits of your past that no longer serve you behind today. Congratulations! You have successfully separated the gems from the junk and are ready to set out to enrich your life more.  As you continue to follow the light of the sun, new wonderful things will be illuminated. It is through the process of elimination that you will be guided and enlightened. It is through the process of discernment that new wonderful paths on the journey will be revealed. You can discover a whole new world by taking a risk to leave the known behind. You can unleash a new key to the mystery of life when you no longer hide from the light inside and the magnificence of the world at large. As you remember to follow your own bliss and listen to your internal guide, you can get past any fear or doubt. You can leave behind that Old World that served a purpose holding onto its value and lessons. Ultimately, you will take what you like and leave the rest.  And, as you continue your voyage into the New, you will make marvelous discoveries about yourself that will open a greater path of magical understanding and untold riches of the heart. Just continue following the light of the sun!

Magical Key to Bliss: Follow the light in your life and you discover things beyond the imagination!

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