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STOP buying into the nasty rhetoric that our so-called “leaders” are spewing, Time to CH

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” Stephen Covey

I learned something the hard way long ago, the lesson went something like this: Not every person who is in a leadership role is qualified to be a leader. Quite simply, I will never follow someone whose vision of the world I do not believe in.

That being said-THIS GUY! I am quite certain that there have been many like him throughout history. THIS GUY! I am quite certain that none of what we are going through as a country is new. THIS GUY! So blatant in his disregard for the humanity of those he finds less than himself, an interesting proposition for someone whose narcissism gives way to an insecurity of quite possibility a lineage that is less than royal.  THIS GUY!

But he is just a small minded, perhaps scared little man. He has no power over our minds. We get to choose what we think, how we feel, which ladder we shall climb. Perhaps there is a greater lesson at hand here. One that is guided by a desire to raise the collective consciousness and vibration for something wonderful beyond the veil is going on. Those who seek to evaluate the bigger journey find themselves facing clear contrasts that exists within each of us. Shall we follow our lowest base feelings and conform because of fear, or shall we lead from a place of courage that looks to bring the light despite what surrounds us. If we choose not to climb another’s ladder, then we take accountability for our own and place it on the wall that aligns with where we want to go on this next phase of our collective journey.

There is no hiding THIS GUY’s words, he is not even trying to. Modern day technology has a peering into the psyche of the darkest parts of ourselves. Perhaps we once considered what he says out loud, but something inside holds on to the love. Holds on to the light.  No one sets out wanting to end up in the wrong place. We as a whole need to start thinking about where we want to place the collective ladder so that we move to the right place faster.

So it may be time to return to the tenets of what our forefathers championed “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We live in a country that has evolved over time, the pendulum swings from right to left as the tides of enlightenment and goodness battle the storm of the other. Yet, there is no duality here, it is all oneness. And if that is the case, we must embrace both the yin and the yang and get clear as to what direction we choose to follow as we move forward and stake our claim to history.

What shall our legacy be? It is time to champion a distinct vision that is bolstered by the higher energetic force of love. A time where we return to the Golden Rule. Match your words to the vibration that empowers others. Love one another, people, places and things, as you wish to be loved. And, our mark on this Earth shall exhibit a different sentiment. Be aware of what is being said, keep them accountable for their actions on both sides, show up as authentically YOU as possible, let it change you for the better and choose the wall of your next adventure wisely.  For if you do, when you get to the top of that mountain, the view will be better than you even imagined.


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