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“SPEECHLESS AND BLOWN AWAY”- Countdown to Beautiful Butterfly Book Review-Fall 2021

“SPEECHLESS AND BLOWN AWAY”: Countdown to Beautiful Butterfly Book Review-Fall 2021

I am so excited to collaborate with She Writes Press to introduce the world to my memoir that will be published Fall of 2021 entitled “Beautiful Butterfly: How Grief Enveloped Me, Transformed Me, and Freed Me to Live the Life I Want!”

In wonderful anticipation of my book’s birthday, I will be posting every month a review from one of my amazing Beta Readers. Little teasers to get excited about how even if you are going through a painful period, there is lots of growth to be experienced on the other side. Just keep moving forward!


“I am SPEECHLESS!!  I have to tell you that when Meg sent me this book, I wanted to get started on it as soon as she sent it- so I did! And then, of course, I couldn’t put it down.  I finished it in one night – well actually way into this morning and am just blown away!!!  Read right through nearly to my 5 AM club report.

I took pages and pages of notes with morsels and blessings of lessons I learned in a way only Meg Nocero could teach them.  There were just SO MANY similarities and parallels for me from being bullied to Charlie’s Angels (I always wanted to be Kelly Garrett) and so much in between.

Meg took us on a narrative through her Mom’s ‘transformation’ from diagnosis to her homecoming- it was just amazing.  I’ll be honest, I cried through it all.   It’s still very fresh for me (as I lost my mom this past year) and there were so many similarities in that story as well that I found great release as I allowed myself to cry from the memory of the pain. I laughed through the similarity in conversations with nurses and home health workers (unfortunately no one offered pot to me.) I smiled through the ‘knowing’ that my Mom was off to a better place and the certainty that I would miss her forever.  Thank you for that my friend – that was truly a huge blessing.

As I read Meg’s beautiful words – just beautiful things came up. Girrrl, this is a GEM and this is going to be a blessing to those dealing with grief, a blessing to those dealing with assholes and a blessing to those knowing they no longer fit in a box that they were not meant to be in.  This just has it all.

I appreciate Meg’s courage to be transparent and real and vulnerable to the benefit of us all.  I appreciate Meg’s candor in not holding back and more than anything, I really appreciate Meg’s eloquence in writing.  Meg IS among the best of the best and I’m honored that I got a sneak peak at this beautiful artistic magnum opus (or one of her many anyway).    I TOTALLY LOVE THIS. Thank you more than anything for inviting me and your readers into a glimpse of who Mary Jo, your mom, is.  The compassionate, loving, encouraging warrior, who is as proud as can be of her Meggie for daring to live life on her terms I’m sure.  I can see now why it is Meg feels her around her always, as she should because ‘she’s always looking for you’. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”

Berta Medina-Garcia, PCC, Rockstar Keynote Speaker, Accountability Expert, and Adventure Coach, founder of Dreamers  Succeed.

Thank you so much Berta, you are one of the best!

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