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Speak Your Truth From a Place of Love!

Speak Your Truth

This may not be as easy as it seems. Perhaps that is why “speak your truth” is usually followed by the phrase “even if your voice shakes.” Through the process of living and learning what that truth is, I am careful to stay informed, question enough that I own it rather than drink anyone’s kool-aid and leave space so that I do not push my beliefs on to others. I have a friend who always says with her life experiences and education, this is what I believe TODAY. Tomorrow, hopefully I will know more. Scientific study in all areas of humanity calls for us to keep an open mind, especially when new problems call for enlightened solutions. Clearly we all have our intuition to guide us. And, there are significant moments in history where staying neutral will not suffice. You will have to take a stand for something.

Don’t Back Down

I have these really awesome Goddess Guidance Cards. When I need an added inspirational hit in the morning or at anytime, I grab the deck, set my intention and pick a card.  I do it for fun, for writing prompts, for synchronistic hits. In light of what is going on in my life and my perspective from where I stand, I wanted all of that and more.  Looking for an external sign, albeit seemingly random, to help me out, I chose from the deck the goddess named Brigit.  And, she speaks to me in a vibrant way with her message “stand up for what you believe is right.”  Ahhh– the freedom and magic of these words for a person who has historically been worried about what others will think.

So first of all, who is this Brigit anyway? Loving to learn more about mythology, I delve further. According to the Goddess card, she is a Celtic triple-goddess who represents three aspects of woman: the young virgin, the nurturing and loving mother, and the crone/sage/wise/ woman. She signifies a time of healing. And, she fiercely and tirelessly protects those who call upon her. She is the counterpart to Archangel Michael’s warrior energy. She’s celebrated on worldwide on February 1st, a day that marks the beginning of springtime and increasing daylight.

I love that I chose this in the month of February. I love that she is a counterpart to Archangel Michael, my son and father’s namesake. And, I love that I have called her in and according to this message she has my back.  So why share this today?

From a Place of Love

On this day that celebrates love, I want to remind myself and others that when you speak your truth from a place of love healing can begin. This is the start of springtime rituals. This can be a time where we look to the end of the old and beginning of the new if we let it. Brigit asks all of us to be clear with our intentions before we open our mouths. She assures us that she will guide and protect us but demands that we become agents of positive rebirth in our lives.

She says, “now is the time to touch your power, for its heat and flame will ignite passion, which will propel you forward in countless ways.” From love, the foundation will be set that will catapult you on. So with that, stand up. It is time to weigh in. Your future demands it. Your legacy will be recorded by what you choose today and everyday. It is that important to speak your truth. And, with that wisdom you share, may the path you create be one worthy of a goddess.

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