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So you want to be a dancing star?

Good news! All the great ideas in life come from the chaos. All the great dreams are born out of chaos.  All the great enlightenment develops from a state of chaos.  And, as a point in fact, if we are to believe the scientist, our amazing universe began from a state of chaos,  For it is when utter confusion and complete disorder presents itself that we are forced to think outside the box to come up with solutions that will free us.  For it is when we embrace the chaos, that beauty and grace can effortlessly appear before our eyes.  The challenge lies in the embrace and the detachment from other people’s agendas. That is it.  I find that when I am in the mist of what I perceive to be madness, children screaming, people talking over each other vying for attention, or loud noise coming from each direction, if I close eyes with the intent not to control that which surrounds me but to accept, the cacophony becomes symphonic.  And, then in my mind I start the dance that puts me back in alignment with the beat of my soul. The dance that I surrender to.  The dance that I know will deliver me from the chaos to the serene again.  There as I am once again connected with the beat of my heart, I give birth to a dancing star that is me! So perhaps this may be a way to think differently about the chaos- something to think about!

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