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Small Changes Make a Big Difference!

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Again, small changes make a big difference. Yes, you heard me.  Many people feel despair because they are weighed down by the enormity of what they want to see without understanding that small steps will get you there.  Success is a process. And, with small incremental shifts, you start to walk the path that will eventually get you where you desire to go. Your belief in the life you want will make it so.

“Verily, there is nothing right or wrong, which belief, plus burning desire, cannot make real. These qualities are free to everyone.. . Strange and imponderable is the power of the human mind.”

-Napoleon Hill

Do you want things to get better? Start today.

From starting a positive habit affirming all the good in your life to waking up a bit earlier to do a work out you enjoy, you can make changes over time that will go a long way towards inner wellbeing and possibility. Stop ruminating over problems that will get you stuck. Focus instead on small positive changes that will shift you to something amazing. When I am stuck in a rut, the easiest change for me is to repeat my “go to” affirmation:

I am healthy, happy, loved, beautiful, smart, strong, thin, rich and successful in so many ways. Everything happens for a reason, and everything works out for me. Thank you God for all my blessings. I expect magic and miracles. I am excited about my something wonderful that is on its way today!

Moreover, saying this affirmation takes me no effort at all. And, when I release it into the universe, I play with the Divine as I look for the unfolding that matches these intentions. I start to trust the process that all the good will be revealed. Speak that into your life that you most want to see accomplished.

Mind Over Matter

A small change will allows all of us to shift the predominant energy to excitement so that big differences can happen over time. Choose your own affirmation  then believe that thought into your process. It will allow you to shift to a higher vibration getting some relief from the heaviness. Your mind is powerful. Quiet your mind, stop thought and stop resistance. Feel the movement in the absence of resistant thought. Set yourself up for those things that will align with a life that you most want. Take five minutes and make a small that you can do, and set out to create an amazing day. It is going to be wonderful today. Your big difference is on its way!


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