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Seriously-If you are prisoner of your own making, time for liberation!

“We cannot change anything until we accept it.” Carl Jung

There are times in life that we feel restricted by the thoughts that pervade our minds. These thoughts threaten to hinder instead of bolster us on our journey.  Oh how we get here mired in the mud, consumed by negativity like quicksand when we allow them to overwhelm.

But peering into the looking glass, we get a glimpse of two futures. One where we sit in this prison, feeling sorry for ourselves and stuck in inaction. And the other, that propels us forward, one step at a time. Making a positive choice to liberate our existence to align with the greater calling within, can be our future if we allow it.

Living from a state of suffocated reality, is no life. There in that place, we get to make the choice to step out into nature armed with embraced freedom, sunshine and a little flower. But we must accept where we are so that positive change is made possible. To engage with the love all around, now is the time to surround ourselves with people who make us feel special. Because when we choose to be loved by magical people who don’s make us feel invisible, therein lies our liberation.


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