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SAVE THE DATE: The Happy Mind Online -Thursday 7.16.20

SAVE THE DATE: The Happy Mind Online -Thursday 7.16.20

Beautiful Butterflies:

I want you to meet Veronica Arboleda the host of The Happy Mind online series.

She’s a Mindset Coach who serves women that are struggling with negative self-talk, self-worth, loneliness, depression and anxiety.  She personally struggled with her own life journeys and doesn’t want you to feel lost or alone. It’s her mission to create a community where women feel uplifted and supported. We are stronger together!

That’s why she created this FREE online series called The Happy Mind: How to reframe your mindset so you can live a purposeful life. She has interviewed 21 experts who are in the space of healing, love, relationship, health and much more! 

I’m so excited to be one of the experts on The Happy Mind show and I would like you to personally be a part of this transformation. There will be FREE giveaways on this online series that are valuable to support your journey of creating a Happy Mind. Register here with your complimentary ticket to listen in.

Each interview is about ½ hour or less and is packed with incredible tools, tips, and strategies on how to reframe your mindset. It’s perfect to listen to while you get ready in the mornings, in your car or watch it in the comfort of your own home.

Some of the topics covered:

  1. Re-training our brain to go from negative to positive

  2. Self-sabotage and how can women break out of this cycle

  3. How to create and find EPIC LOVE 

  4. Mindfulness and meditation during difficult or challenging times in your life

  5. How can clutter be so problematic for women

  6. The different components of self-compassion

I am very excited to share this online series with you! Register now with your complimentary ticket here:

See you there!



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