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“A Process of Healing and Growth”: Countdown to Beautiful Butterfly-Fall 2021

“A Process of Healing and Growth”: Countdown to Beautiful Butterfly-Fall 2021

I am so excited to collaborate with She Writes Press to introduce the world to my memoir that will be published Fall of 2021 entitled “Beautiful Butterfly: How Grief Enveloped Me, Transformed Me, and Freed Me to Live the Life I Want!”

In wonderful anticipation of my book’s birthday, I will be posting every month a review from one of my amazing Beta Readers. Little teasers to get excited about how even if you are going through a painful period, there is lots of growth to be experienced on the other side. Just keep moving forward!


“One thing I know as a lifelong cynic in today’s social media world is that anyone using the title influencer most likely has never influenced anyone to do anything but walk away. Therefore, when someone tells me they are posting something to inspire me, inspiration will be the last thing I feel. A highly brave and personal book like Beautiful Butterfly, the second book by Meg Nocero, calms my inner cynic.

Meg gave me a true glimpse into her honest and true personal life journey from the pain and awkwardness of childhood through the downward spiral of unspeakable mourning that continued through recovery, self-empowerment, then true growth. Her daring to undergo the metamorphosis has her arriving at a more bliss-filled life. 

Sometimes from a male perspective, it can be difficult to relate to the ways many women process emotions, feelings, and situations.  Not only did I find Meg’s book uplifting, it helped reveal insights into the realities of her life and the positive healing process previously foreign to me.

I highly recommend the inspiring writings of Beautiful Butterfly to anyone seeking to better understand the process of healing and growth.”

Andrew Deutsch, Global Marketing and Sales Executive, Fangled Tech International 

Thank you so much Andrew, you are one of the best!

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