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Run towards what you love!

Meg’s mantra: Don’t run away from life, run towards what you love!

If you are feeling frustrated in life, then take a moment and ask yourself one question: at this time, in this moment-are you doing what you love to do? Set aside a day, an hour or a moment to just experience great joy by making a decision to rock on by doing what infuses a life-giving energy throughout your entire body! Why not!?! Love is such a powerful word. By making the conscious choice to do something that you care very much about, then watch out world- cause amazing things you WILL do that will not only impact yourself but will inspire other as well. You got talents, you got skills, you got passion so do what you will. If you do what you love with the gifts you have been endowed with, then this is the biggest “thank you” that you could ever give God, your higher power or your spirit. Then, instead of feeling trapped, you will want to pinch yourself becuase you won’t believe how blessed you are to live the life of your dreams. If you do what you love, then amazing things you WILL do! Say YES to what you love and say NO to what detracts from that- stand up for yourself, bullied into submission no more- Don’t run away from life, run towards your dreams-PEACE! ‪#‎themagicalguidetobliss‬

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