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Remember, You are Here to Experience Outrageous JOY!

“When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

“Let it Be”  Lyrics from The Beatles ‘Let it Be’

Meg’s Mantra: You are here on Earth to experience outrageous joy!

Even though the everyday routine of life may feel like small ordinary moments, when we look back, we realize that each one was an important extraordinary part of the masterpiece that is the becoming of you. Each day. Each opportunity. Each connection. Believe it. You have to keep that close at hand especially when you are going through tough times and it feels like the world has gone a bit mad.

You serve yourself well to look for the joy each and every day as best as you can. Life can feel really exhausting when you constantly strive to succeed. It can feel like a struggle to become worthy. Let today be the day when you rest in the beauty of the world around you and realize you already are the perfect creation that is a blessing.  Take a day off from the fight for just a moment and allow the peace of this knowing to encompass you.

When you resist the belief of how beautiful, magical and wonderful you really are, you rob yourself and the world of the outrageous joy that is waiting there for you always. So for this moment, let the struggle be and release the negative talk from the conversation you have with yourself. Trust that this is part of your process, those series or set of actions that you will take to achieve a particular end. For the wisdom lies in the fact that each moment or step will offer you the opportunity to invite more outrageous joy if you allow it. And Wow, that’s wonderful!


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