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Rededicate yourself to a sense of wonder and awe!

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” Marcus Aurelius

Be a part of the beautiful fabric of this life.  Just look around at any moment and realize that your reality is but a colorful dream.  A dream you have always yearned for and desired.  A dream that has given you the chance to explore the magic that lies at your fingertips.  A dream that has you discovering the great wonders of this world.  Wonders that have you dancing with the trees.  Cherishing the times of connection with friends.  Embracing the love that is offered to you as you grow.  Becoming as you navigate your quest to new heights of magnificence beyond what you could ever know.  And, ultimately empowering you to remember what the world looked like when you were a child.  Revisiting a day with that child-like part of you that remains untainted by the habitual thinking that can keep you in a box that is now too small for your spirit.  Choosing to take a risk and break out striving for the marvelous things that call to you.  Seeking for a new apogee as you pop the lid open and see that there is so much more bliss for you in this world.  Being courageous as you rededicate yourself to a sense of wonder and awe.   Gathering the strength to not only gaze upon the mystery of the stars but deciding to run with them as well. For with a renewed sense of the miraculous, you will not be the only person that you are inspiring.

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