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Plant the seeds of a magnificent life

With practice, patience, perseverance, and passion, we plant the seeds of life and hope that they will grow into something amazing. Just because we don’t see the fruits of our labors each day, it does not mean that something magical is not happening beyond the physical plane. While we may get disillusioned when the results of our hard work fail to break ground immediately, we need to continue to care for what has been imbedded without fail. For as long as we pull out the weeds that can suffocate and foster an environment where we can grow, the wonders instilled in our beautiful garden will soon be discovered. Each friendship we make and opportunity we take, like a beautiful flower, started out as a seed. Each step that we take towards worthy goals nurtures the relationships and events that provide a foundation for a fertile life. Then with faith in the outcome, we allow the light of the sun to do its thing. As we take in the positive energy from above and below, our garden is in the process of realizing its glory. It does not serve us well to judge each day by the harvest we reap because so much is going on behind the scenes. It serves us well to come to joy based upon how we care for the seeds that are the foundation of our dreams. For it is only in time, divine time, that the seeds that we have planted will burst through and explode with magnificence! Know this!

Magical Key to Bliss: Nurture your dreams with inspired action and trust that they will grow.


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