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Perhaps it’s wise to be a little foolish!

“The point of living, and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe that the best is yet to come.” Peter Ustinov Sometimes when you focus on the bad things that the world can show you, you may lose sight of how incredible reality can actually be.  Perhaps when you surround yourself with the negative news of the day, you start to lose sight that there is good in the world.  Perhaps when you meet up with others whose energy is pessimistic and depleting, you start to feel your own energy diffuse where it could be infused by those who believe in magic and miracles.  I truly believe like each coin has two sides, in life there are two ways you can look at every circumstance.  For instance, if you are a person who wants to live an amazing life, replace any fear-filled images with ones that foster love and you start to experience more love.  Turn off the news that focuses on shock value and look for stories in your neighborhood where people are serving each other. When you do, you will rediscover hope in humanity that you may have believed no longer existed. Step away from those people who constantly point out what is going wrong and seek out others who choose to live their lives filled with joy, love, happiness and laughter no matter what comes their way and you will most likely follow their example.  When you shift your vibration to the higher plane where the optimist resides, you will discover quickly the wisdom that even if today is not so great, the best is yet to come.  And when you start to see the glass half full, recognize the silver lining and grab onto the wonderful take away in each part of your journey in life, then a new wisdom will soon be yours when you open your eyes to the amazing reality that you choose. And even if others think you are a bit foolish because their reality is something else, don’t care and keep dreaming because living a positive and exciting life that is based in knowing the potential that lies before you is why we are here after all.

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