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Pay attention!

Meg’s mantra: Remember you are a teacher and molding lives of those who are watching like it or not!

While actions speak louder than words, profound words coupled with inspirational actions can be the equation for incredible and positive change in a world desperate for it. Teach and act well so that those who look up to you can use your example to set the tone for an incredible life. There is always someone who will look to you for guidance, for wisdom, and for hope. Your life is the legacy you get to leave to the next generation and the next. A tradition of love! What story will you choose to leave behind? You are molding lives whether you like it or not- so choose impeccable words coupled with amazing actions that will have others enthusiastic to embrace a vision for a bright future where each of them will choose to shine! Each of them will choose to connect. Each of them will choose peace and love! And with that comes many blessings of incredible gratitude!

Inspired to write this from a Bar Mitvah! I am not Jewish but open to get wisdom as it comes- just paying attention!!!

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