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Open your eyes, this remains a wonderful world!

“If we focus on the planet’s unending largesse, rather than on the marketers’ drumbeat limitation, on the bounteous gifts that spread out before us on every side rather than on TV commercials that suggest erectile dysfunction, depression, and sleeping problems, then we can rewrite the dominant paradigm.” Pam Grout, E3

There is so much goodness in the world. It all depends on where you look. While certain factions of society like to point out what they believe is wrong, to live a life of joy, you must choose daily to focus on what is right. Where some see lack, you find the connectedness where abundance lies. Where some focus on evil tendencies, you seek to recognize the benevolence of humankind. Where some focus on what is missing, you decide to be grateful for everything you have and for the love in your life. You can look for the unending beauty that surrounds you. You can look for the magnificent vibrations from shared joyful moments. You can build wonderful memories.  And, you can be proud of your accomplishments or those of others that have made a difference all around.  While the world is filled with enough pessimists, you can be a part of the solution for a more enlightened universe by seizing optimism as your set point. With these kinds of magical choices, you can be a vital part of rewriting a new dominant paradigm. One that allows you to immerse yourself in the things that matter most with an attitude of gratitude. One where you can smile with open eyes as you really start to see the trees that are green and the sky that is blue. And in the words of Mr. Louis Armstrong,  you will think to yourself it has always been a wonderful world.

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