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Open the right door, follow the path less traveled, get yourself in the right room- and it will make

“Two roads diverged in the wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

I have a vision of myself standing at a crossroads in front of two doors. I suppose it could be standing in front of two roads in the wood as well. One was known to me, while the other was a mystery. If I entered the one that was known, I understood that I would be going backwards to the safety of what I had already experienced. I may have to sacrifice my dreams and grovel for entry as I had already made a decision to leave.  If I get the chance to walk through that known door, I know deep within that I would never be truly happy and I would always be wondering what if. I would always be at the mercy of the ones who allowed me to return, stuck in the cycle of looking for my worth and approval and never ever getting it. It would seem safe to the naked eye, no risk, but would the sacrifice of my soul’s calling be worth it.

If I entered the one that was a mystery, I understood that I would have no idea what would unfold as I journeyed on, but I would be moving forward- this is the path less traveled. Somehow, deep inside I know I would be traveling in the direction to the right room where I would get to meet those who align with me. There is no guarantee, but as long as I stay the course and remain persistent, no telling the endless possibilities, no telling the wisdom that would come my way.

Picking the known would seem to spit in the very face of a universe whose arms were wide open, begging me on, while choosing the mysterious would be a resounding YES to the life that was waiting for me! Practicality aside, trust and faith are what would be called for. So which door to choose, one that is safe but yet I give up so much in the end, or the one that takes courage to walk through, but the payoff could be immense.

I suppose the question to ask really is which door to take to get me in the room that is right for me, which path do I travel? This is an intensely personal choice. For me, I have chosen the mystery and  turning back now would have me questioning the gift of life that holds strong to a belief in myself and the beautiful divine. I cannot live with that- so I boldly continue down the path of the mystery, the less traveled to learn more about myself, to gain more wisdom and to grow in conscious awareness of why I am here.  And with this, I hope that it will make all the difference.

So when you are faced with two doors or two paths in front of you, my wish for you is this: I hope you choose exactly what you need to get yourself in the right room. Have a little faith the size of a mustard seed and there is no telling how it will grow. In times of doubt, stay the course. For I am certain, when you get to where you are going, there will be a huge celebration and it will make all the difference.


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