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On the journey with the Magical Guide to Bliss!

Ever since January 1st, I have decided to make some real important changes in my life.  It had dawned on me that some dreams and goals that I have had for so long had to take a back seat to taking care of the fear, anxiety and bouts of sadness that I have experienced since I lost my mother in 2011.  The anxiety induced tinnitus was the main focus to all of my days. Was it going to be loud one day to the next.  The notion of what is wrong with me had become the focal point to my existence.  Once an adventurer, now letting so much of life control me, rather than making the choice to take life by storm!  So I started off my year with the rally cry- Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!  No more, enough of missing out on another day of life where the choice is ultimately and has always been mine!  I am free. My thought processes are free. Now, it is time to live that way.

I have been writing insights of the day for the past four years.  I have compiled them into a book format.  While when I wrote them there was no rhyme or reason to the unfolding, I have now arranged them into a sequence of chapters, each one building upon the next.  What a beautiful development this has become. I have written my own guide to bliss and did not even realize it. And starting this past January, I have set out to see where this magical guide will take me.  So exciting!  Talk about messages unfolding before your eyes.  I could not have seen this when I started, but now I have a real tool to take me to the next place in my life and it was all divinely inspired.  I am on a journey that it being guided by the divine, my mother and I know it will take me to where I am destined to go. Helping me to put my fears aside, helping me to be the observer and helping me to accept where I am so that I too can take those lessons and teach others to do the same!

In January, Carpe Diem!  I really took it to heart, focusing on what dreams need to be realized and clarifying the path with flexible intentions to go with where I was guided.  January had me setting the course with my bold and courageous map that I know would take me where I need to go.   January introduced me to a fantastic way of touching base with my body so that I could truly see as an observer the messages I was meant to receive.  Fear, anxiety, depression are real to the observer who is overcome by them.  At the same time, the shift in perception had me looking at those feelings as teachers again. What are they trying to tell me?  What do I need to learn?

In  February, Love! The guide showed me the importance of love. How without love, all living is for naught.  In February, I set out to do service with love guiding the way. It also was a month of healing for my personal relationships. As many of my friendships were not present to me in ways that had been, I had to look at what was important to me, set my boundaries to what I was able to give and look to heal what needed healing with love.

In March, Profound wisdom! Events happen in life, but there is wisdom to be found.  The uncomfortableness gives way to knowledge. The pain gives way to joy.  The struggle gives way to new understanding.  Life takes on new shape when you go into it with an open heart and an open mind.  Having struggled as a child with some pretty difficult issues that included never really fitting in with my peers because I did not look a certain way, hiding from other kids because the harsh words that targeted my flaws broke my heart, and the insecurity I felt in the world at large while preferring to dwell in solitude where my imagination and uniqueness could take flight, these events have left there marks on my body and soul.  When I get to a point where I feel insecure and return back there to that time again, I remember the words of my mother.  She said while she could not explain why these things were happening to me, she knew in her own heart that I was strong and that all my life experiences are there to teach me something vital about the human spirit that will serve a purpose to help others as I grew up.  What wisdom in those words. What healing too as I see myself react as a child, only to respond with the wisdom of an adult.

In April, transformation of dreams into reality! New beginnings to a new life, where the initial parts of your dreams take place in reality and become your reality.  This is my favorite part so far, because this is where you resurrect your spirit to take on the light that the universe is offering right now.  With this kind of attitude, any challenge I can handle!  With this kind of attitude, I will not let my fears take hold and control my life.  I just open my arms up to life and experience the results of some pretty amazing choices.  Like a mystery that unfolds before you, getting the clues and information that I need to continue on the journey with the Magical guide to Bliss.

In May, I get to further explore my creativity.  In June, it is all about Joy!  In July, it is the freedom of being alive! In August, I will cherish the friendships that I have made along the way! In September, I bask in sweet inspiration! In October, I will be empowered through service! In November, it is all about gratitude! And culminating in December with awe-inspiring magic and miracles!  Bliss!  I invite you all to join me on your own journey using The Magical Guide to Bliss as a road map. Teaching is  what I was born to do, I will help to guide you if you let me.  I heard it said that we are all just helping each other on the journey home.  Looking for the amazing things this world has to offer along the way, must be our focus. You do not want to get to the end of the road having regrets for not taking advantage of the opportunities as they are presented. We all can in fact help each other and also celebrate and rejoice as we all make a difference in this world!! Happy journeying, bliss is yours!!!


On April 12, 2015, it will be four years since my mother passed away. My mentor and guide has been a guardian angel for quite some time now.  Keep my family in your prayers if you will as we gather to celebrate the life of a woman who touched us all in such a profound way. Whose legacy continues in each one who she touched.  Whose love still shines on for the world to see in me!

Use the times of struggle as a lesson. Learn from what life shows you. And you will find exactly where the magic lies!

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